Friday, January 16, 2009

Writing Opportunities at -27 Below

This morning we awoke to 27.9 or almost 28 degrees below zero. No including wind chill, just a straight across the board nearly 28 degrees below. The novel talks about weather in Minnesota, particularly winter and the lung-searing cold that makes a warm to zero feel balmy. Absolutely true. Tomorrow’s temperature should rise to a positively toasty 18 degrees above.

Such weather has its advantages. There’s an old Minnesota joke that such bitter cold “helps keep the riff raff out”. That most likely depends on your definition of “riff raff”. For writers and readers however, this weather offers an ideal opportunity to indulge your passions. Herewith some ideas:

Map out your next book or article
Get some serious writing done on your latest project
Engage in Internet research for said project
Enter a writing contest
Revise your cover letter
Research literary agents and/or magazine editors
Curl up and read a good book
Catch up on all that miscellaneous reading of favorite magazines
School’s been closed the past two days – get the kids away from the TV and into books

Take heart - the arctic cold snap will end eventually, and the white quiet of winter will give way to the symphony of spring. Accomplishing some writing or reading tasks when it’s nearly impossible to be outdoors will mean less guilt and frustration when warmer days at last reappear.

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