Wednesday, January 21, 2009

At Last

When President and Mrs. Obama danced to “At Last” as sung by Beyoncé at the Neighborhood Inaugural Ball, the significance of this gorgeous song at a historic moment was lost on no one. In the novel, Tim and Kay dance to Etta James singing “At Last” at Paul and Pamela’s wedding. Observing her blissfully happy brother, Kay notes, “I hear this song, and I think ‘at last’ is right. We are so lucky, Tim. I really didn’t think he’d after recover.” Kay refers to her family’s joy at Paul finally moving beyond his grief and embarking on a new life.

‘At Last’ is favored by my husband and me as our special song as well. We share the song as it was originally intended – two people finding each other and building a wonderful life together. Since we were slightly older than most couples when marrying, ‘at last’ summed our feelings perfectly. One very memorable song beautifully sung, with so many meanings.

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